The best stocks in 2022 – Buy Recommendation

The best stocks in 2022 – Buy Recommendation

You should have an overview of these stocks for the year 2022

Very risky stocks

  1. Alibaba Group
    In the Forbes Global 2000 of the world’s largest companies, the Alibaba Group ranks 31st. Alibaba had a market value of around $ 500 billion in mid-2018, making it one of the financially strongest companies in the world.
    Stoke loss over 43% in 2021.
    Are the accounts finally bursting? There are many reasons for that. The shareholders remain loyal to their shares and new investors keep coming.
    For us, things can only get better in 2022. We expect a strong price gain (over 30%).

  2. Keysight Technologies
    Keysight Technologies is an American manufacturer of measuring instruments.
    Share gain over 65% in 2021.
    We anticipate a big share gain in 2022 as well. 5G shares in particular will mix up the market in 2022. And Keysight Technologies is among the top 5G stocks. We expect a profit of over 30%.

  3. Lucid Group Inc
    Lucid Motors, formerly Atieva, is an American automotive company that specializes in electric cars.
    Share gain over 44% in 2021.
    If you have strong nerves, you are at the right place with Lucid Group shares. The background to this is the assessment by a US bank of the aspiring electric car manufacturer.
    We expect a good equity return in 2022 as well.
    Tip: If you have a good profit, part with the share in good time.

Little risky stocks

  1. Lenovo Group
    Lenovo is a Chinese computer and smartphone manufacturer.
    Revenue $ 50.7 billion (2019).
    Share gain over 30% in 2021.
    We consider Lenovo a bit risky. There are several reasons for this. Chinese stocks in particular kept showing weakness in 2021. The second major risk is that the competition is very fierce.
    Nevertheless, we also expect a price gain of more than 20% here in 2022.

  2. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited is the world’s third largest semiconductor manufacturer, after Intel and Samsung, and the world’s largest independent contract manufacturer of semiconductor products.
    Share gain over 24% in 2021.
    We also expect a strong price gain from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing in 2022. The chip manufacturer has been able to attract great clients on board in recent years.

  3. Nokia Corp.
    Nokia Corp. or Nokia Corporation is a global telecommunications group headquartered in Espoo, Finland.
    Share gain over 78% in 2021.
    Nokia did a great job in 2021, hence this strong share price gain. We think the trend will continue. The company is looking for old strengths. We expect the share price to gain more than 25% this year as well.

Safe Investments

  1. General Electric
    A company with over 200,000 employees. With sales of $ 123.7 billion and profits of $ 8.8 billion, General Electric was the 14th largest company in the world in 2017 according to Forbes Global 2000.
    Share gain over 19% in 2021.
    We are expecting a profit of over 10% in 2022 as well.

  2. Apple
    According to the Fortune Global 500 list, Apple was the 12th highest-grossing company in the world in 2020. In terms of profit, Apple was also number 3 among the companies listed in Forbes Global 2000.
    Share profit over 40% in 2021
    Apple shares will continue to be a safe investment for us in 2022. Whether he will move on from the previous years is another question. Will be very difficult.

  3. BASF SE
    BASF SE, based in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, is a listed chemical company. It employs over 100,000 people worldwide at over 390 production sites in more than 80 countries.
    Share loss over 5% in 2021.
    BASF SE is a very serious company that has been doing a great job for decades. We think that the share price loss of 2021 can quickly make up for again. The big win may not materialize, but it is a safe stock.

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