TeamViewer Stock Forecast 2022

TeamViewer Stock Forecast 2022

What is TeamViewer?
Teamviewer is a software released in 2005 for remote access, remote control and remote maintenance of computers and other end devices.
Teamviewer is the core product of the company of the same name from Göppingen (Germany).

Stock Year 2021
At the beginning of 2021, a share was worth 43.85 euros. At the end of the year it was only worth 11.92 euros. So a loss of over 70%. The low point was October, when the stock lost 48.58%.

What can we expect in 2022?
Whether TeamViewer shares will start their comeback in 2022 is an interesting question. At its core, it’s about growth accelerating and some decisions being made better. In some cases, top management has not always made the right and best possible decisions in recent years, when looking at the share price.
How to rate the chance of the TeamViewer share in the year 2022, every investor can decide with himself. However, here is my more or less objective inventory of what I am now seeing more broadly.

Trade Team Forecast
The company primarily focuses on cloud-based technologies that enable remote online support and collaboration around the world.
Cloud is the future! Online teamwork is also the future! TeamViewer brings all of this with it. The company has a lot of potential. The stock will hit sometime, maybe this year, but maybe not until 2023 or 2024.
So a clear buying tip from us. We estimate that the share will hit over 16 euros by the end of the year. A maximum of 20 euros.

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