Deutsche Post AG

Deutsche Post AG

The logistics group Deutsche Post has raised its forecast for the fourth time this year thanks to good business. The DAX group announced on Thursday when it presented its detailed quarterly figures in Bonn as earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of over 7.7 billion euros. Deutsche Post wants to increase its operating profit to more than eight billion euros by 2023.

Deutsche Post’s business continues to boom thanks to high freight rates and shipment volumes. The Express segment again had the largest share of the result, in other words the business with the delivery of goods, which also includes the company’s network of airlines. With sales growth of more than 50 percent and an operating result that has more than doubled, the segment for air, ocean freight and land transport has developed above average.

In terms of sales, the group recorded an increase of almost a quarter to 20 billion euros. The operating result rose in the third quarter by around 29 percent to 1.8 billion euros. At around 1.3 billion euros, free cash inflows were slightly above the preliminary result published at the beginning of October. The bottom line was almost 1,1 billion euro.

Trade Team Forecast
The Deutsche Post share is one of the safest top 10 shares in the world. We see the share as a good investment. The stock will stay higher than inflation. A profit as we know it from cryptocurrency is not possible, but at least the stock can achieve 7% -8% profit every year.

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