What raw materials are there?

  • OIL
  • GOLD

What is Oil?

Oils is a collective term for liquids that cannot be mixed with water and are more difficult to evaporate than water. Their chemical composition, origin and use, however, are very different.

How are the prices developing?
Basically it is the same with the oil price as with all prices on free markets: It arises from the interplay of supply and demand. Whereby “the price of oil” doesn’t actually exist. Many different types of oil are traded in the oil market and each has its own price. As a rule of thumb, the better the quality of the oil in terms of its industrial applicability, the higher the price.

What oil stocks are there?
Exxon Mobil (market capital: $ 344 billion)
Royal Dutch Shell ($ 307 billion)
Chevron ($ 248 billion)
Petro China ($ 220 billion)
Total ($ 168 billion)

What is Gold?

Gold is a chemical element with the element symbol Au and the atomic number 79. It is a transition metal and is in the 1st subgroup in the periodic table, which is also known as the copper group. This group contains copper and the precious metals silver and gold.

How are the prices dĀ“Developing?

The value of gold has been very high for many centuries, but it has never been as high as it is today. The current gold price seems to grow immeasurably. The gold price is determined by the market. The relationship between supply and demand influences the value of gold, as does the numerous speculations by investors. The price of gold has been fixed in London since the 17th century. For this purpose, the most important gold traders meet at the Bullion Market and determine the gold value there.
Since 1968 traders have met twice a day to fix the value of gold. Central banks also influence the value of gold. The higher the gold reserves of a bank or a gold mining company, the greater their influence on the gold value. If the gold price is supposed to go down, companies lend their gold.

What Gold stocks are there?
Newmont Mining
Barrick Gold
Newcrest Mining
Agnico-Eagle Mines
Sibanya Stillwater
Kirkland Lake Gold
AngloGold Ashanti